After Builders Cleaning

Do I have to provide the cleaning materials?

No, the team takes care of this and it is included in the price for the service.

Do you clean the inside of kitchen units as part of your After Builders Cleaning?

We clean everything from outside, if the kitchen is new the cleaners may wipe down the inside if this is required. All details will be discussed with you prior to the day of the clean.

Can you dispose of builders waste?

Yes, we work in close partnership with a number of trusted rubbish removal companies. We can arrange the disposal of all unwanted waste, including furniture etc.

Carpet Cleaning

Will all the stains come out?

No guarantee can be made that every stain will be removed. Some stains permanently damage the carpet fibres and no specialist cleaning will reverse this. But we use high-quality products and we do our best to clean every type of stain.

How long will my carpet or furniture take to dry?

Drying time depends on many conditions, including how soiled the item was, how much water was used, weather conditions, indoor atmosphere, etc. However, in most cases, carpets and soft furnishings should be dry within 6-8 hours.

Do I have to move furniture?

In most cases the DustBusters Inn team will be happy to move furniture, however, there may be an additional charge for this service. It is important that any valuable items or furniture containing valuables are moved by the customer.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned by a qualified technician every 12-18 months. Carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis and before they become heavily soiled. Allowing soil to build up will significantly reduce the life of a carpet.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

How many hours do the cleaners need?

It really depends on how big the property is and how dirty it has been left. End of tenancy cleaning comes with fixed pricing and our cleaners will stay until you are totally satisfied.

Do you clean inside Kitchen cupboards?

Yes, we clean all kitchen cupboards from inside, outside, on top and on the bottom.

Do you do Oven Cleaning?

Yes, with this service you will receive a professional oven clean which includes all inside oven parts too.

Do you clean the fridge?

We clean the fridge inside and outside and, If we are able to move the fridge, we can clean the back too. For best results, please defrost the fridge before we come.

Do you clean the windows from outside?

Cleaning the outside of windows is not included in the price. If required, this will be charged separately.

How many cleaners you will send?

Depending on the size of your property, we will send the appropriate number of cleaners. The number of cleaners will not affect the price.

What happens if your cleaning team miss something?

If our cleaning team miss something, we will arrange to re-clean as soon as possible for FREE.

Do you have a warranty for your work?

Yes, we give you a warranty 24 hours after our cleaning.

One Off Cleaning

What is “one off cleaning”?

It is a domestic cleaning service and is charged by the hour. Operatives will clean as much as possible in the time booked. That’s why it’s best if you prioritise the rooms or areas you would like us to focus on, so that you best utilize the time the team spends cleaning.

How much is it going to cost?

It depends on the number of operatives you want us to send and the amount of hours, as well as our availability for the date you prefer.

What does it include?

The cleaners follow a list of priorities, which we set when we arrange your booking. As you’re the one ordering it, the service can include any area or surface you request, as long as it is feasible.

What type of detergents and equipment do you use?

We use various professional-grade detergents, which we’ve been using for years and know provide the best results. Still, as some types of surfaces require special care (e.g. marble) it’s best to let us know so that we can come prepared. We can use detergents which you provide for us. As to equipment, ¬ we normally come equipped with a hoover, mop, bucket and cleaning rags.

Can you clean mould and mildew?

Unfortunately, due to their very peculiar nature mould and mildew are extremely difficult to battle, and in most cases re-plastering is needed. As this does depend on the amount to which they have spread and the surface they’ve formed on, we might be able to clean it up to a certain level, but we cannot provide any guarantees. Please do inform us if there are affected areas in your property or if they are your main reason for booking a one off cleaning service.

Do you move furniture around and clean beneath it?

We do move light furniture around in order to gain access to the areas that need cleaning. However, we normally don’t move any heavy items, such as double beds and larger sofas. In such cases the cleaners will clean all the visible parts around the furniture.

Office Cleaning

Do you do cleaning before, after or during office hours?

Whatever suits you. We provide a flexible office cleaning service that fits in with your needs.

Is it safe to give the cleaners keys for our office?

Yes, it is. All customer keys are stored securely, with no addresses, contact numbers, alarm codes or other personal information.

Are you and your workers insured?

Yes, we have a full Employers and Public Liability Cover.

Regular Domestic Cleaning

Are you insured?

Yes, we have comprehensive public liability cover. Our insurance policy will cover any accidental damages to your property caused by our cleaner up to £1million.

What does this service include?

We can refer you to our standard professional cleaning checklist or we can prepare a specific and individual task list for your home.

Do I have to pay anything when I go on holiday?

No you don’t have to pay anything. However, please let us know one week in advance of your holiday that services may not be required. This notice is really important as we work with weekly schedules and we want to be sure that our cleaners have enough work.

Are there any fees or other charges on top of your rates?

We don’t have agency fees. You only have to pay the agreed hourly rate, which is agreed before services commence.

What area do you cover?

For regular domestic cleaning – please see the MAP in Cover Areas. For all other types of cleaning we cover all of London within the M25 area.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer or cash or for regular service, by standing order payment.

Do you send receipts?

Yes, we send invoices to you after you provide us with your full name, email address, and full home address.

Do you guarantee your service?

Of course. We promise that if you are not satisfied with the result from a job, we will return and re-do the clean free of charge. In the case of domestic cleaning and ironing please make sure you leave your cleaner tasks that can be normally completed within the time you have agreed with DustBusters Inn.

Upholstery Cleaning

What stains can you remove?

We can remove a large variety of stains including tea, coffee, red wine, food stains, blood, ink, tar, oil, urine, draft marks, dye transfer and many other types of stains. Stain removal results can vary due to the many different types of fabrics and carpet fibres, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Do you guarantee to remove all stains?

We guarantee the best results possible but unfortunately cannot guarantee removal of all staining because it’s sometimes not possible.

What equipment do you use?

We use a large variety of specialist professional equipment depending on the item to be cleaned. Our most commonly used method of cleaning uses our hot water extraction machine. This machine can rinse and extract the soiling and staining at very high power if necessary. We can also use different machinery for delicate fabrics i.e. silks and other dry clean only fabrics.

Is the cleaning safe for children and pets?

Yes, all of the main cleaning solutions we use are eco-friendly, biodegradable and are also safe for children and pets to use the item or area following cleaning.

How soon can I use the items after cleaning?

The average carpet and rug will take between 2 - 4 hours to be touch dry although you can often walk on the carpets straight after cleaning. Upholstery will take 4 - 5 hours to dry on average. Curtains, leather and mattresses can be ready for use almost immediately following the cleaning. Drying times can vary due to soiling and staining levels, humidity, ventilation and temperature. Our technicians will advise you how to get the quickest drying times.


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